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Meeting Needs Collide with Politics At a Tanger Outlet Bus Stop

Posted January 12, 2017

The delay in providing a way for workers and shoppers without personal transportation to take advantage of the jobs and bargains at the new Tanger Outlet Mall and jobs at the nearby Trader Joe’s Distribution Center had baffled many who Daytona Beach and Volusia County lavish incentives on the projects. GovStuff Live! host Big John put the issue in perspective in a Community Voices op-ed piece published by the Daytona Beach News Journal.

 To read the unedited version Big provided the paper, click here.

The response of the Volusia County Council was to schedule a workshop to discuss the situation --- in March. If you disagree with Big John’s view, or if you support it, we urge you to write about your position using the GovGripes tab at the top of this page. We’ll collect your comments, add them here and share them with Council.

Volusia Teachers Experienced, Growth Spurs Hiring

Stories on recruiting efforts by Volusia County Schools as new growth brings added students each year, and the suggestion during teacher pay negotiations that experienced teachers are leaving the District for more money elsewhere have created in some quarters the notion of a young and inexperienced corps of instructors.

District Data shows a stable and experienced work force, nearly 60% of which have been working in Volusia Schools for 10 years or more – 30% with 20 years or more of classroom experience. Here is the breakdown as we enter 2017:

<5 years 1317

5-9 years 637

10-14 years 959

15-19 years 670

20-24 years 463

25-29 years 321

30+ years 321

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