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Posted August 8, 2016

As the primaries approach at the end of August and the campaigning for the general election November 8 heats up, it’s a good time to keep track of where the support for candidates is coming from and how their promises align with the interests of supporters.

Several area organizations have been trying to make it easy to track the money trail and to offer candidates an opportunity to make their positions clear. GovStuff salutes all the groups involved, and is happy to share with you examples of the useful information YOU can use.

First, by clicking here you can see how to easily find information on the campaign contributions and expenses of candidates for state and county offices. Compiled by Citizens for Ormond Beach, the list notes that for municipal races similar information can be obtained by request from the respective city clerks.

Then, courtesy the Sons of the Beaches, whose questions for candidates went well beyond beach driving issues, clicking here takes you to answers to key concerns gathered from County Council Zone four candidates and this sheet provides info about the issues from those running for County Chair. The answers may surprise you.

A comprehensive look at the candidates for all state and local offices has been complied by the League of Women Voters, known for its programs to create and informed electorate and unbiased reports. To go to their 2016 Election Guide click here. The site includes basic information on candidates and the offices they seek, and answers from candidates to questions posed by the League. GovStuff is pleased to offer this information and thanks the organizations for permission to share it.


Posted July 21, 2016

During election season and when controversial votes occur in local governing bodies, it’s common to question the influences that shape the votes of those we elect to represent us.

High visibility doesn’t equal power. Advocacy of a single issue doesn’t guarantee influence. Money isn’t the whole story.

GovStuff Foundation, the non-profit, non-partisan counterpart to the opinionated and outspoken GovStuff Live! radio program, has looked hard at where the power lies in East Volusia. In a special report it nominates members of a Power Pyramid where personal and business interests intersect with the public good.

The report doesn’t make good guys or bad guys of the people it profiles. It outlines some of their activities where their self-interest impacts and shapes the quality of our lives and the growth we experience. In reading through it you may wish to nominate others for inclusion, or add other examples to the illustrations we’ve used.

The report is another tool to help us understand not just what goes on in government, but why. Read it by clicking here. Your comments are welcomed.

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