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Volusia County


County Name:   Volusia County
Street Address, County Building:   123 W. Indiana Ave.
Main Phone Number:   386-736-2700
Interium County Manager:   George Recktenwald
Interium County Manager's E-Mail:
Chairnman:   Ed Kelly
Chairman's E-Mail:

County Meeting Information

Regular Meetings

The Volusia County Council meets the second and fourth Tuesdays at 10:00 am at the Thomas C. Kelly Administration Building in DeLand.

Every Meeting can affect your pocketbook and life style. Check the link below for upcoming meeting agendas.

Agenda Link


Below is a list of issues relative to Volusia County Government. Click any link for more information.


How Much for a Rainy Day? - Pooled Cash Fund

Listening to discussions of Volusia County's needs and how to pay for them, taxpayers might assume County coffers are nearly bare and without new revenues services might falter.

Few are aware that as of March 31, 2016, Volusia had nearly half a billion dollars -- $489,452,636.30 in the bank that earned $882,595.61 in the first three months of the year.

That balance includes much of the $144,845,970 listed in the current budget as "reserves," more than 100 million of which appears to support a contingency fund to cover things the County wants to do that didn't make it into the budget. In addition there is $44,416,220 obligated for specific purposes, including $26,061,753 set aside for "emergencies" affecting the general operation of the government and budgets of five different departments. According to the County Council's Reserve Procedures, the emergency reserves is to be maintained at a minimum of 5% and maximum of 10% of budgeted current revenues of the county. The $26 million in the current (2015-16) budget is 10.5% of the $248,177,211 General Fund Expenditures.

Independent finance managers who have reviewed the County"s investment program, administered by Chief Financial Officer/Assistant County Manager Donna dePeyster, tell GovStuff it is well managed, balanced with an eye toward the security of the investments, and that, in the light of that conservative approach the annualized return of 0.73% in the current market is considered sound.

Updating this report with Lots of Big Numbers with POOLED CASH FUND.


Working for the County

The County is one of Volusia's larger employers. In political circles and over a beer at the kitchen table, debates have long been held on whether county jobs pay more than private sector, are too cushy, or are populated by dedicated public servants who could do better elsewhere. The answer is most likely in the eye of the beholder. Click here to look at a recent listing of the job titles and pay for all County Employees.

Department of Corrections and Volusia County Sheriff's Office

Here are links to the latest annual reports of both the Department of Corrections and the Volusia County Sheriff's Office. Corrections is under the complete control of County Council. The Sheriff is a constitutional officer who has control of the workings of his office, but has to coordinate and have Council support on funding and brick and mortar issues. Take a look and let us know if you have questions on taxpayer return on investment by using the GovGripes tab to get a message to us. Unless you have had direct contact with these agencies you might learn some interesting stuff

Sheriff Annual report

Sheriff Statistics

Department of Corrections












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