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GovGripes is a place on this site where you can share your complaints and concerns about government waste, inefficiency and point up the places where with a little common sense and attention better service could be provided, accompanied by a better return on our tax dollars and other public funds.

The more specific you can be, the more likely somebody in local government will hear about it and the greater the likelihood something might actually be done. We've provided a form for you to use. Because a lot of public servants really do take their responsibilities seriously, your input will be checked and may be edited if we find responsibility lies with somebody or agency other than one you've named. And bad language and wild or rambling harangues won't make it either.

The kinds of things for GovGripes are those batted around at a recent meeting of Save Our Neighborhoods, where the leaders of most of the Daytona Beach area neighborhood watches and associations come together to share issues and opportunities. They place code enforcement issues high on their list of priority problems, with both over-and-under enforcement a common theme. With specifics of when and where, gripes would be appropriate here like those the SONs mentioned about:

  • Tractor trailers parked in residential areas
  • The bank-owned, unmaintained "Zombie" houses
  • Overgrown yards and those laden with junk

The "Zombie House" issue came into focus at a recent Daytona Beach Police Comstat meeting where Chief Mike Chitwood leads a discussion of conditions his Department is working on or has resolved. A women came to the meeting who was wearing a badge identifying her as affiliated with a large area real estate company. When somebody asked her why she was there, she explained she and her colleagues often take prospective buyers out to see vacant houses - only to find squatters in residence. The Comstat meetings provide a heads-up on areas where such problems may exist.

There are many other gripes, and some compliments to be noted as well. Use GovGripes for both.

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