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  First Hour Second Hour Friday 5:45
First Monday Sophie's Circle Mel Stack  
First Tuesday Panel Discussion  
First Wednesday S.C.O.R.E. Wildcard  
First Thursday Chitwood  
First Friday Wildcard Dr. Bartos The Prayer
Second Monday Barker's View  
Second Tuesday Margie  
Second Wednesday Wildcard Wildcard  
Second Thursday Dr. Jo  
Second Friday Bellaire Community Group The Prayer
Third Monday Wildcard Mel Stack  
Third Tuesday V.P.O.A.  
Third Wednesday Clay, All Florida Alex, Plant Savant  
Third Thursday LCB/CVB Halifax Health  
Third Friday Flower The Prayer
Fourth Monday Stacy, Halifax Health Wildcard  
Fourth Tuesday The Conservatives  
Fourth Wednesday Halifax Humane Society Wildcard  
Fourth Thursday V.M.A.  
Fourth Friday Wildcard The Prayer
Any Fifth Days - Wildcard








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