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Pottinger Impact

Pottinger is the catch name, based on Federal court rulings in Miami/Dade County appealed to the 11th District Court of Appeals in Atlanta, for local actions to provide space that can be occupied by homeless individuals without fear of arrest or harassment.

Daytona Beach has created such a space, but its compliance with Pottinger provisions is still being debated.

Volusia County, in its “Go to Zero” budgeting policy has specifically rejected any responsibility for homeless services. As more homeless arrive with the winter winds, it will become an issue more focused than the seemingly endless debates over which governmental organization is going to end up providing a long-term solution and who and how that solution will be funded.

To try and make the Pottinger part of the discussion understandable to all, GovStuff has obtained from a long-time student of homeless issues an overview we think provides perspective. Not written by a lawyer, the discussion provides a clear view of what some Federal courts have held Pottinger requires and provides a reference for its basis in Daytona Beach.

Pottinger Report

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