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Beach Driving


No topic has fostered more debate and outright anger than Beach Driving.



Conventional wisdom has it that “the World’s Most Famous Beach” and the Volusia County economy are inextricably linked. Politicians and promoters expound at length on our dependence on the image and appeal of the sand and sea as an economic engine.

To look at the factual base on which all this discourse is based, GovStuff undertook a search that involved Evelyn Fine, whose firm is long time researcher-in-chief for tourism related data, and others who have contributed to our understanding of what sustains Daytona Beach and Volusia County.

To our surprise, the only solid data gathering dust on the shelf turned out to be a 14 year old study of the economic value of those from surrounding areas who make day trips to enjoy the beach. Headed by UCF professor Mark Soskin with colleague Bradley Braun as a contribution to the then (and now) current debate over beach driving, the study debunked the conventional wisdom that those from neighboring counties are a cash crop that would disappear if beach driving were banned.

The bulk of the study seems as applicable today as it did in 2002. Click the link below to review it. And if anyone knows of studies that quantify the value of the beach, we’d like to hear about them and share them here as well.

Soskin Study

Archive of previous Beach Driving discussions


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