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Ads about meetings to set the millage (tax) rates local governments will impose and media reports of rates that are lowered or raised over the roll back rate (what it takes to bring in the same amount of money as last year) may pave the way for a big surprise when the tax bills follow up in November.

The municipal millage rate is only part of what you pay in property taxes. As news stories often report, a house valued at $150,000 after any exemptions are taken, equals $900 in property tax at 6 mills. But the actual tax you pay includes that $900 AND the millage levied by Volusia County, the School District and a number of special districts, like Halifax Hospital, the St. Johns Water Management District, Port Authority and various special districts. In most areas the total millage rate runs more than 20 mills, which means that for that $150,000 taxable value (your assessment less homestead and any other exemptions), your bill would be $3,000.

Below is a link to a spread sheet showing how millage rates have varied over the last decade in major East Volusia cities and the other taxing districts most taxpayers support. For Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Ormond Beach and Holly Hill, the amount collected by the cities is shown.

Most public hearings on tax rates are concluded, but if, you believe the assessment notice sent by the Property Appraiser has not fairly valued your property, it would be a good idea to call Property Appraiser Morgan Gilreath’s office right away. When you’ve got a solid argument, the office can usually get it fixed with little fuss and bother. Call 822-5717 to explore your options. One of those options may be to go before the Value Adjustment Board, which will have just one more meeting this year.

For information on that process and questions you may have, call the Deputy Clerk at (386) 740-5164.

Millage rate variations 10 Years

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